Welcome to my biography  Self trained in guitar since the age of 6, David Blair (DB) joined his first band at the age of 12 starting his music career. He played countless shows around Regina at local schools and children clubs. He landed his first break after being chosen as a finalist for CFCB’s Country Song Contest which got his song “I Love My Dog” play time on local radio. David continued to expand his talents and song writing abilities including formal training in music reulting in a Degree in Experimental Music from the University of Regina. On graduation David moved to Toronto to get closer to the heart of Canada’s music scene. In Toronto DB mixed it up playing clubs and music festivals. Seeking even more exposure to the music scene DB then moved to Montreal and hung our and played in Jazz clubs absorbing everything he could about music. DB now had the inspiration to write his first complete album and settled down to the task. 1 year to the day his masterpiece was ready for public consumption. “Bad Endings” opened to comercial success selling 3000 copies in the first month. “FortyFive” music magazine  praised all of the songs on “Bad Endings” for their unique fusion of country and jazz flavours but especially liked the single “Dead Beat” saying “never before has someone written so closely from the heart!”  David continues to write and produce music and is planning on releasing his next album “Just Getting Started” in 2012.